"We celebrate too little" (quote: Petter Stordalen) And he has a point! Our jobs are a huge part of our lives and we should celebrate the good achievements. Celebrating makes us feel like winners and enhances a sense of recognition and positive energy. And certainly not least, celebrations are fun! Anniversaries abroad create memories of life. 


Kick-offs should be fun! Too many company meetings are long days with a lot of theory, numbers and presentations. One way to make sure your employees are looking forward to these meetings is by taking them to exciting destinations and locations! Hosting corporate gatherings outside the four walls of the office is an investment that will pay off in the form of more motivated and loyal employees.

We assist with ideas and creative solutions that are linked to what the desired goal is for the gathering - and can help strengthen and make the corporate culture more visible.


We believe that many companies spend too much money on boring conferences with endless, treacherous speakers, standardized rollups and mints with logos on them.

When you first invest in a gathering for employees, it should be fun - a gathering that gives employees new energy and pride - but is also professional and targets the desired goals set for the occasion.